Below you will find both printable versions of provided materials, as well as additional tools developed by SUTP to help you successfully run your fundraising campaign. Feel free to use any of the provided files and images to promote your sale of the SUTP Coupon Book and Mobile App to your community.

Looking for more information about the SUTP Mobile App? View our Setup Guide or User Guide.

No alterations can be made to any SUTP graphics, PDFs, badges or icons other than for intended purposes.

2014/15 SUTP Take-Home Brochure PDF Document

Full colour, multi page PDFs of the 2014/15 SUTP Brochure for all cities. Each brochure contains an overview of all of the coupons available in the corresponding SUTP Coupon Book.

2014/15 Calgary SUTP Brochure PDF Document (7.14MB)
2014/15 Edmonton SUTP Brochure PDF Document (6.41MB)
2014/15 Medicine Hat SUTP Brochure PDF Document (5.63MB)
2014/15 Red Deer SUTP Brochure PDF Document (5.58MB)

SUTP Take-Home Brochure

2014/15 SUTP Collection Envelope PDF Document (328KB)

Full colour, printable PDF of our 2014/15 Collection Envelope. Useful for your sellers to track their individual fundraising sales and return them to the coordinator in an organized fashion.

SUTP Collection Envelope

2014/15 SUTP Poster PDF Document (3.05MB)

Full colour, printable PDF of our 2014/15 Poster. This poster has been formatted to a standard page size (8-1/2"x11") to make it easier to print.

SUTP Poster

SUTP Sample Take-Home Letter PDF Document (1.04MB)

A sample take-home letter schools and organizations can adjust and print on letterhead to send home with students and members informing them of their SUTP fundraising campaign.

SUTP Sample Take-Home Letter

SUTP Sellers List

A useful tool for tracking your sale of the SUTP Coupon Book and Mobile App. Input dates products were issued and returned, track unique serial numbers and quickly calculate your total funds raised from your campaign.

Sellers List - Excel Version (258KB)
Sellers List - Printable PDF PDF Document (69.1KB)

SUTP Sellers List

2014/15 SUTP Entry Forms (8.58KB)

A printable version of our entry forms that can be used wherever needed.

SUTP Entry Form

Images & Badges

A variety of SUTP images that we encourage organizations to use to promote their SUTP fundraising campaign.

Right click and select "Save Image As".

SUTP Logo  SUTP Logo B&W

2014/15 SUTP Edmonton Book & App

2014/15 Calgary SUTP Book & App
2014/15 Edmonton SUTP Book & App
2014/15 Medicine Hat SUTP Book & App
2014/15 Red Deer SUTP Book & App
2014/15 SUTP Mobile App Passcode Card

SUTP Support Your Community Badge

SUTP Fundraiser Badge
SUTP Icone White  SUTP Icone Orange  SUTP Icone Black