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What do our customers say?

"...As a consumer I rely on the coupons I buy every year. I appreciate the additional book and I am sure my kids will be happy as well. Due to your timely solution and resolution I will continue to support STUP. My kids have sold these and I believe in what your product does for the community and the value they offer...."
Mary-Lou S.

"I can't wait for the 2013 SUTP Book to arrive. It has saved me so much money this year, and whatever coupons I didn't use, I gave to my teenage kids who seemed to eat out a lot. They make a great stocking stuffer. I also love the fact that the money raised is helping our local schools."
— Wendy D.

"I had bought a SUTP coupon book last year as I use coupons regularly and I could not believe how many coupons I actually used. I saved hundreds of dollars and will buy another book for 2012 and will tell everyone I know and work with that it is the book to buy. I used all the gas coupons, movie discounts, free bread, fast food, oil change everything you do in life, there seems to be a coupon for. I started to shop in places I never shopped before just so I could get the deals. Thanks so much."
— De-elle W.